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(including  Scotland)



  • Her Majesty's Stationary Office. Full text of British Acts since 1996 
  • Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO): A specialised team of lawyers whose main work is drafting Government Bills for introduction into Parliament and related Parliamentary business. 
  • The Law Commission: The Law Commission is the independent body set up by Parliament in 1965 (along with a similar Commission for Scotland) to keep the law of England and Wales under review and to recommend reform when it is needed. 


  • House of Lords. Decisions since November 14, 1996 (no search engine). A helpful search engine can be found in Roger Horne's Miscellany Web Cases.

  • The Court Service Web Site: The Court Service which is an executive agency of the Department for Constitutional Affairs, which has its own website.This covers policy, legislation and the Magistrates' courts.
    The purpose of the Court Service is the delivery of justice. The Agency is responsible for the running of most of the courts and tribunals in England & Wales i.e. Crown, County, Appeals, and provides the necessary services to the judiciary and court users to ensure its impartial and efficient operation.


Law Books Catalogues:


Library Catalogues United Kingdom: Telnet via HYTELNET and Web via LibDex 


by courtesy of Scott Wortley, Lecturer, Law School, University of Strathclyde



  • The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. This judicial committee currently hears cases from across the British commonwealth, but in the coming months a new jurisdiction commences as it deals with cases from Scotland on "devolution questions". It will decide cases to determine whether the Scottish government or Scottish Parliament have exceeded their powers.
  • The Scottish Courts service website. From this page judgements of the High Court of Justiciary on appeal (Scotland's highest criminal court); and the Court of Session (the civil court at first instance - known as the Outer House - and on appeal - known as the Inner House which is itself divided into a First Division and Second Division) can be found. They are accessible from this page.
  • In Scotland's highest courts all cases where a written opinion is issued are placed on the website. The website also has a useful search engine (accessible for searches by: judges, dates, parties or subjects  and by word
  • From the Scottish Courts site it is also possible to get access to selected judgements from cases in Scotland's local lower level courts, the sheriff courts. Again, there is a search facility. For both courts the search facility allows you to search by words or by subject, Judge, date, or party searches.