Children in Tort Law


  The Project

6. Tasks

According to the schedule that has already been described, the tasks of the national teams that make up this European research team are:

         To participate actively in the elaboration, amendment and completion of the working agenda of the research team.

         To take into account in the research of the topic areas other than Tort Law such as Insurance Law, Social Security, and others closely related to children in the information society.

         To suggest questions and cases for the drafting of the questionnaire in order to get a working tool that takes into consideration the problems arisen in all legal systems under examination.

         To draft national reports that give detailed answers to the questionnaires according to national legal sources (legislation, court decisions and legal writing).

         To discuss the national answers according to an European framework, taking into account the special features of all the legal systems involved.

         To draft comparative reports that reflect all the legal systems involved as well as the modern trends existing in other legal systems.






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