Children in Tort Law


  The Project

4. Organizational Issues

The Project will be developed under the joint coordination of the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, Vienna (ECTIL) and the Research Group of European Private Law of the University of Girona, Spain (RGEPL). Both institutions will coordinate the meetings of the working team and the research exchanges and will channel the research results for public dissemination.

ECTIL conducts legal and comparative legal research in the field of national, international and common European tort and insurance law and of the unification of European tort and insurance law. One of its main aims is to enhance cooperation between scholars and research institutions in the field of tort and insurance law and with undertakings and corporations interested in such cooperation and to promote young scholars in the field of tort and insurance law. ECTIL has an experienced managerial staff that is already administering other European Projects in cooperation with academic institutions from all over Europe, several European governments and leading insurance and re-insurance companies.

RGEPL is part of the research structure of the University of Girona. The administrative and managerial services for the scientific research of the University of Girona (Oficina de Investigación y Transferencia Tecnológica, OITT) have a long standing in the management and monitoring of European and International Projects.

In order to render the coordination between the research teams as effective as possible, each of the five teams in the network will appoint one person from its staff as referent for management and public relations concerning the project. S/he is expected to supervise the organisation within that team and the communication with other teams.

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